October 24th, 1942

0530 Perfect breakfast.  0700 Alarm for general quarters.  0930 Alarm for “Abandon Ship”, were given orders and life jackets.  1000 Man our “Battle Stations.”  Our Destroyer dropped two depth chargers just aft of us.  This was no drill.  A Submarine was sounded and lurking near. Gosh our first day out and trouble already. 

Outside of action, life is quite dull aboard with the routine of laying out on the windy flight, or in the different quarters, listening to the radio or records, and reading every type of book or papers you can.  Then spend your small change at the Canteen.  The football games are coming in from home: Santa Clara 6 – UCLA 14.  Went topside and departed when night fell.  What a night for romance.  Turned all watches back half an hour at 1900.