December 24th, 1942

Received little Dottie’s Christmas gift, and boy I can say I was really happy to get her gift.  The darling didn’t have to spend so much on me.  Later, I took a walk in a perfect moonlit night and prayed to be back for my little Dottie when this damn War is over.  Turned in a little late, and listened to a few Christmas carols on the radio.  Some of the fellows were drunk, and to my surprise – I turned down a drink.

December 25th, 1942

Routine flight.  We were the only outfit working.  Had a perfect turkey dinner.  O’Malley gave me $4.00 and a gift for Christmas and for our friendship.  It made me feel a little funny.  It goes to show you what a pal is, and he really is a pal.  I sure wish him a safe return to his wife and future kid.  I hope for a big reunion someday, if I’m able.

Journal - Dinner Menu
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December 27th, 1942

Liberty – O’Malley and bought Art and Audrey a wedding gift.  Tex sent me a Testament, really nice of him.  Three gifts from mother.

December 28th, 1942

Gunnery hop in my plane.  A near tragedy: The radio man and turret gunnery nearly went west.  We pulled the radio man out of the plane and he passed out, nearly died from fumes.  Taken to sick bay – Recovered.  Turned to after duties.  First aid lecture.

December 31st, 1942

Worked all day.  Very quiet New Year’s Eve.  Few of the boys had bottles.

January 1st, 1943

Worked all day – Routine flight.  O’Malley and Ramson flew to Ford Island.  Georgia Univ- 9, UCLA- 0.

January 2nd, 1943

Pay day: $90.00.  Routine flight.  Bought $100.00 Bond.

Journal - War Bond
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January 8th, 1943

Air Group returned 1000.  Two T.B.F.’s were cut to pieces.  B-24 bomber, 3 killed.  S.B.D. plane came in for crash landing!  No landing gears made a perfect pancake landing.

January 10th, 1943

Finally got rid of my plane.  Flew it to Ford Island for a new one.  All planes took off for Ford Island overnight.

January 16th, 1943

Half-day duty, then a show and band at station.  Three busloads of women.  Had a pretty good time.  O’Malley did what I hadn’t expected him to ever do – Got one large Navy tattoo.  I hope I don’t do the same – At times it’s pretty tough though.

January 17th, 1943

Received candy and a knife from mother.  Tex Taylor got married in the States – Good luck old boy.

January 21st, 1943

One year today in the Navy.  Liberty – Spend $50.00 on gifts.  Hula shirt $8.00.