October 23rd, 1942 (First Entry)

Journal - pg. 1
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Climbed aboard the converted Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Long Island at 0930 on North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego, CA.  This is the first U.S. warship I’ve been on since my enlistment in the Naval Service and I wasn’t very thrilled.  I stepped aboard, saluted the flag, officer of the day, and checked the register for my name.  I then proceeded below for my sleeping quarters.  Weighed anchor at 1030 from North Island Pier, with two Navy tugs alongside.  In the harbor were twin Troop transports.  The ship loaded with forty-eight marines, but did not follow us.  I stood on the flight deck and watched the last speck of the California coast fall from view.  Our ship was loaded with over sixty-two planes and hundreds of men.  We set out into the Pacific alone, with only one U.S. Destroyer as protection.  As we kept steady course, our escort would circle around and patrol the area.

With no more sight of land, my memories were drifting to my perfect love and the fun I had with all the friends and shipmates I left behind, perhaps not to be seen for a long time or ever.  But there are things I wish, no matter what happens to me, I pray that God look over my mother, dad, kid brother, and my little Dottie. 

I was assigned to general battle station.  Ships lights were out at 1830.  Found bunk in 2nd and 1st class officers sleeping quarters.  Turned to at 1900, for first night’s sleep aboard ship.