March 25th, 1943

Rainstorm.  Lost one P-40 New Zealand flyer and one S.B.D. plane – Both pilots killed.  Four F4F’s also cracked up on the field – no one else hurt.  O’Malley led a fight with our tent-mate.  We’re all in a fighting mood.  Wish we’d leave for action soon.

March 26th, 1943

Final grade for exam, 3.7.  Went into countryside and took snaps.  Alert called on entire island.

March 28th, 1943

Presented O’Malley the $500.00 – he sure was happy.  Attended Army church services.  Navy funeral services held at our camp for the three flyers lost last Thursday.  One hop late this evening.

April 1st, 1943

Pay day: $61.00.  Liberty – Went to Lautoka with O’Malley, Roam, Ramson, and Dobley.  Wrecked three bikes while raising hell in town.

April 3rd, 1943

VGS-16 received orders to return to the States, sent a few letters with them.

April 6th, 1943

Tropical rain storm.  No flying.  Sold beer.  O’Malley and I put on a boxing show.

April 9th, 1943

No flight – Sold beer.  Moved our tent and finally got rid of our tent-mate.  About forty VF-11’s left for base.

April 12th, 1943

One hop.  B-24 and B-26 planes cracked up on landing strip – No one hurt.  Sold New Zealand beer.

April 19th, 1943

B-26 cracked up – Complete wreck!  3 killed, 2 seriously injured.  Wrote mother and Dottie.

April 20th, 1943

Packed up – Climbed aboard the U.S.S. Waters, a converted night-raider Destroyer 0900.

April 22nd, 1943

Land sighted – New Hebrides Islands.  Entered channel.  Many U.S. and British cruisers and destroyers in the harbor.  U.S.S. Enterprise in harbor and about 20-30 freighters and transports.  Refueled and Anchored.  Fifteen VF-11’s came aboard.  Sold my dagger for $35.00.  Went swimming over side of ship.  Anchored for night in harbor.  Beautiful moonlight, and little Dottie on my weary mind.

April 23rd, 1943

Shoved off 1300.  Passed the spot where the U.S.S. Coolidge was sunk.