November 1st, 1942

Journal - Plan of the Day

0600 Land finally sighted the island of Maui.  0700 Two P.B.Y. planes fly out and patrol the area.  0720 Secured.  0820 Went topside on flight deck.  The day was perfect, and the water was clear and calm as glass.  The islands are beautiful and Diamond Head was first seen as we entered the harbor.  0835 Two U.S. Destroyers and five Troop ships meet up with us.  0915 Entered Pearl Harbor.  Some of the “Old Timers” pointed out to me when the U.S.S. Nevada was sunk in 10 ft. of water. Remains of the U.S.S. Arizona were still there, and the scrap of the U.S.S. Oklahoma, with a floating dry-dock still in use. Much of the harbor has been built up since last year’s bombing on Dec. 7th.

USS Arizona - Battleship
Image courtesy
USS Oklahoma - Battleship
Image courtesy National Archives and Records

Nearly the whole U.S. Fleet was in Pearl Harbor today.  Five U.S. Battleships: U.S.S. Idaho, California, Mississippi, North Carolina, and New Mexico.  The Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Saratoga was undergoing repairs due to the three torpedo hits in the Solomon Islands.  Two Heavy U.S. Carriers, as was the U.S.S. Salt Lake City, which was also in for repairs.  Two U.S. Submarines came in on the surface.  What a mess, they really needed a paint job.  The U.S. Destroyers were many in number and undergoing repairs and supplies.  Now the work began on unloading all the planes and equipment.  O’Malley, really glad to see the old boy.  His trip was on the S.S. Tyler, really rough and rotten.  Two meals a day, no showers, and above all, no liberty to San Francisco, only the officers.  O’Malley jumped ship anyhow and saw his wife for a bit.  Aboard the Tyler was Hal Caroll, as a merchant marine seaman.  This really is a small world.  Met some of my 9-42 class from Alameda, what a reunion.

A U.S. Aircraft Carrier was reported sunk, no name as of yet.  Took all day to unload the planes from the Long Island.  Simmons “Hollywood”, a fellow from Santa Ana, and ex-Lexington survivor, took me around Ford Island.  The whole island is really swell, and everything has really green scenery.  The overturned hull of the U.S.S. Utah is still in the water in the back of our barracks.  Nothing has been done to it since last year.  2100 Really beat, turned to.

Ford Island - Attack on Pearl Harbor
Image courtesy U.S. Navy