November 7th, 1942

Packed sea bags (a little rain). Left all my blues on Ford Island.  No use for them where we're going.  Simmons also left for Maui.  He sure was a swell fellow (all Hollywood).  Loaded on Navy trucks and arrived (20 miles away), at Naval Air Base Barber’s Point.  This air base is just being built, no hanger, roads.  Army style barracks, good chow, perfect weather.

On this point were ex-9-42-10-42. Fellows, little Mahoy was here, Danny Roberts and also Robby.  Glad to see these boys.  Found out Nelson was at Moffet Field for Commando’s School.  Four Army B-24 (PBY-4) are stationed here.  Along with two C.A.S.U.’s, three S.B.D.’s and two T.B.F.’s.  Army also brought a squadron of Q-40’s.  We, being transferred here brought ten T.B.F. planes.  Four were left behind, including mine.  I haven’t a plane as of now.  Later I went swimming on the coral reefs, plenty good.  2000 Turned too with a big fight of mosquitoes.

S.B.D. Dauntless - Dive Bomber
Image courtesy U.S. Navy
Journal - Gunner's Theme Song
© Retelasfilm

Gunner’s Theme Song:
I wished to be a pilot, and you along with me.
But if we were all pilots, where’d the Air Force be?
It takes guts to be a gunner, to sit out in the tail.
When the zeros are a coming, and the slugs begin to wail.
The pilots just a chauffeur, his job to fly the plane.
But it’s we who do the fighting, tho’ we do not get the fame.
If we all must be gunners, then let us make this bet…
We’ll be the best damned gunners, that have left this squadron yet!