January 23rd, 1943

Near tragedy in air!  T-2 and 3 had a mid-collision.  Lady Luck was with pilots.

January 26th, 1943

Night flying.  2nd hop – T-10 crashed in the Pacific.  Pilot and gunner were saved but Anderson lost his life!  Andy got tangled up in his chute chord.  No one went to sleep.

January 27th, 1943

Liberty – Received three letters and two boxes of candy from mother and Dottie.

January 31st, 1943

Pay day: $90.00.  Services for Anderson $13.00.  News of six planes leaving for South Pacific.

February 17th, 1943

Came aboard the converted aircraft carrier U.S.S. Altamaha in Pearl Harbor.  Visited Hal Carrol on the merchant transport S.S. Tyler.

February 18th, 1943

Delivered some uncensored mail to Hal.  Fooled around on the Sub-Base.  Went swimming on Ford Island.

February 19th, 1943

Shoved off from Ford Island 0830.  Navy band played us a few farewell tunes as we drifted from the pier.  We’re under way – with a million dollar cargo of planes and War equipment.  Got a little sea sick.  Note – Just before leaving, O’Malley and I borrowed three cases of bottled beer.

Tragedy – News by wireless came in late in the night way out at sea of the death of Mike O’Malley’s wife as a result of childbirth.  Baby girl is in perfect health.  Born Feb 14th, 1943, 2:30 am.  Named Diane Shannon.