November 4th, 1942

Jumped ship on Liberty with Simmons.  Visited Mr. Abrou, and was taken to the well-known “South Sea” for lunch.  Later, he drove us around to the different views on the island and to the foot of Diamond Head.  Saw the U.S.S. Long Island making its way back to the States.  It had a load of bullet ridden airplanes.  I wish it the best of luck and a safe return.  Mr. Abrou took us to his home for a drink.  Saw many of the homes and stores that were still burned down since last year.  What a place.  White people are very few, the servicemen, plenty.  Took a bus and boat back to Ford Island.  Couldn’t buy anything, cost too darn much.  Had a very nice time, regardless.

South Seas - Dinner Menu Cover
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