November 23rd, 1942

Routine flight.  Got Larry Muhoy to hop in my plane.  S.B.D. cracked, no one hurt, but the pilot sure didn’t give a damn.  I was first there and that got me sore.  Some of these Officers are really rotten, oh well.  T-4 cracked on me while night flying, and Art is in the Navy in Holland now.

November 24th, 1942

Torpedo hops worked well, and mother sent me $5.00.  Went night flying.  Met a Hawaiian fellow who’s a life guard, that attended Cal Aggies in Davis.

November 26th, 1942

Went up on a hop.  Had a perfect turkey dinner.  Afterwards, had I.W. Harper whiskey with O’Malley, Ramson, Reams, Maloy, and five others.  The class from Alameda gave a toast to the ending of the War, and for all to return home for a happy life.  Note – The whiskey was borrowed from Officer Flyers.

Journal - Dinner Menu

November 29th, 1942

Got liberty back.  Ramson and I hitch-hiked to Honolulu, and went to Mr. and Mrs. Abrou’s house.  They took us to the South Seas for dinner.  We later visited an ex-Navy friend of theirs, and drank some home brewed beer.  Seen Phil Rice’s wife (a pal from Oakland), and found out a couple of fellows from home (Everet Hill and Bill Adess) were killed in action.  Took the train at 0430 and made perfect time.  Terrific storm late tonight.

November 30th, 1942

All planes grounded on rain.  Pay day: $91.00.  Pete is now training for Officer.  Received letter from mother.

December 1st, 1942

Sent money order for $100.00 to my bank and $10.00 to Dottie.  Terrific rain storm.  I was soaked wet while checking my plane.  I came home late during the storm, and all planes were grounded.

December 2nd, 1942

Flight got called off.  Routine duties.  Got a letter from Dottie and wrote here back.

December 3rd, 1942

Station alert!  Up at 0420.  All bombers and scout planes took off.  Hops and 1600 lbs. of bombs were put on all T.B.F. planes.  Wrote Eddie.

December 4th, 1942

Liberty – Went out with O’Malley and Ramson.  Found a camera and met a friend from Oakland.  0430 Took the train back to the station.

December 5th, 1942

No flying.  Lecture and moving pictures.  Wrote all my Christmas cards.

December 6th, 1942

No flying due to heavy weather storm.  Played cards all day, and later went to a show in terrific rainfall.

December 7th, 1942

Big day today in Hawaii, remembering Pearl Harbor one year later.  Alert 0500.  Turned out for a quick take-off and manned our planes.  No flying due to very bad weather.

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December 10th, 1942

All planes took off for overnight to Maui.  A mock attack on Honolulu and Pearl Harbor by our planes tomorrow.

December 11th, 1942

Secured till 1700.  Planes came in after mock attack on Hawaii.  Army and Navy put on a good show.

December 12th, 1942

My plane brought to shop for major overhaul.

Journal - News Article
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Journal - News Article
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December 17th, 1942

Liberty – O’Malley, Ramson, and I took Norma to lunch.  Went to “Breakers”, what a time.  Had beers with the boys from Alameda, and raised hell with the cops.

Journal - War Bond
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December 19th, 1942

Went on a hop to Kaneanohe with the skipper.  Picked up two survivors from plane crash.  Won $11.00 in Blackjack.

December 20th, 1942

Liberty – Ramson and I visited Mr. and Mrs. Abrou and had dinner.  Later, we had a party at Tony’s and had brew.  We missed the train and bus and had to hitch-hike.  Received word that Art got married.