May 12th, 1974

Mother’s Day roses arrive for 31st year.

Her secret admirer didn’t forget.  For the 31st consecutive year Mrs. May Robinson of 431 Hurlingame Avenue, Redwood City, received a Mother’s Day gift of a dozen long-stemmed roses from someone whose identity she’s never known.  The “Forever Roses” come each year since her son, Bernard, a gunner on a Navy torpedo bomber, was killed during a mission over Guadalcanal in 1943.  He was 21.

Bernard was Mrs. Robinson’s only son, and the news of his death at the height of the fighting in the pacific during World War II was so great that she lost her sight and has been blind since.  The flowers started arriving the year after he died.

As usual, the roses that arrived last weekend had no card, and as usual the roses were delivered by Edward Dick, owner of Old Mill Flower Shop, who insists he knows nothing of the sender other than he’s from out of town.  Mrs. Robinson speculates the sender might be one of her son’s Navy friends, but admits that’s only conjecture.